yeah, whatever

•tomorrow comes today•

sad girl/sad world

snapchat/instagram: omgbeccafay

I don’t think this dude understands how instagram direct messaging works…
How quickly things change.

Take the picture from the wall when you think that nothing matters.
Take the picture from the frame and it’s a long ways to the floor.
Cut your finger on the edge cause it’s sharper than they told you.
Take a leap from out the window cause it’s way too far to go through the door.

Anonymous asked:
You're important and great.

💜💜💜💜💜thank you. seriously.

killinitsynce86 asked:
What do you look like in fake life? lol

👸idk. Usually very filtered and with my hair fixed.

Here’s what I look like in real life.

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Before I was covered in my own sweat.